Friday, February 17, 2017

DreamCatcher sheds their metal rock image for 'bnt' pictorials

DreamCatcher recently got together for a photoshoot with international bnt.

The girls took the challenge diverting from their rock concept to a more pure, feminine approach to the photoshoot. They all dressed up as beautiful delicate flower girls holding bouquets, and also tried a casual look wearing colorful hoodies and black shorts.

Regarding their popularity, the girls said, "Our fan cafe is expanding daily, and there are over 1000 visitors. We were so surprised when all the tickets to our first fan meeting were sold out."

When asked what was the difference between their concept and other idol groups, Jiyoo replied, "We are the first group ever to tackle metal rock genre. We came up with a darker concept and powerful dance moves."

Their mentioned boy group Shinhwa as their role models and said, "We respect them a lot for their hard work and popularity."

The girls also admitted to their hardships while performing as MINX, saying, "We all got into a slump then. I got so stressed out that I couldn't even watch other girls perform on TV." When asked what their biggest change was from former group MINX to DreamCatcher, they answered, "Discovering our hidden bravery. We are satisfied by the fact that our current concept fits us as opposed to MINX's days."

The girls also added that they would like to collaborate with Big Bang, saying, "We did a cover dance of one of Big Bang's songs. Although it is a big step for us, it would be such an honor to work with them someday."

DreamCatcher also shared their goals for 2017 hoping to win a 'New Artist' award.
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