Monday, January 23, 2017

IOI's Jeon Somi gives her tips on how to be loved

Jeon Somi posed for the February issue of '@star1'!

The concept of the photoshoot was 'Spring SoMi', and she talked about various things. When asked to give tips to the male contestants of the upcoming 'Produce 101', she said, "You have to be honest. I think if you try to fool people, it all comes out. Even if you cry forcefully, it all comes out. I never forced myself to do anything during 'Yum Yum' or 'Bang Bang'. I had fun while practicing. I think if you have fun, everything is good."

On asked why she thought she was loved, she said, "I think it's because I'm honest and I'm not a fake. I started thinking that way when I saw a comment that said, 'She's not hatable even when she's being honest'. To be honest, what's the point of being deceitful?

On being MC on 'The Show', she said, "I feel like I need to know as many idols as possible well, so I watch entertainment news and study. As for a stage I want to do, I want to put on a special stage with UP10TION's Wooshin oppa."

Check out the pictures below!
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