Tuesday, January 24, 2017

G-Friend want to do these things since all members are of legal age now

All of G-Friend have now reached the legal age in Korea and this means they're officially adults! So what would they wish to do now since they're officially old and mature? 

G-Friend provided their answers in 'Dazed' magazine. Umji said, "I want to have chi-maek (chicken and beer) at the Han River on a nice day with my members." SinB answered next, "I want to go to the jjim-jil-bang. We can now go without guardians and we can go during the late hours by ourselves." Lastly, Sowon said, "I want to watch late night movies. Also, I want to get my driver's license, and go on a road trip with everyone."

Read more of G-Friend's interview in the February issue of 'Dazed'!
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