Wednesday, October 19, 2016

IOI reveal which girl group they're close to in interview with '@star1'

IOI's Lim Na Young, Choi Yoo Jung, and Jeon So Mi posed for '@star1's November issue dressed in 'Eider' attire!

In the interview, they were asked their thoughts on making a comeback as a full group. Lim Na Young said, "There's synergy and there's a feeling of fullness, which we like.  We feel both that we want to prepare perfectly and that we want to end beautifully."

Choi Yoo Jung said, "At first, we were awkward, but now, we're so close.  We feel like we can show the sincere chemistry among the 11 of us, so there are high expectations." When asked if they got a lot of celebrity friends now, Choi Yoo Jung said, "I'm close to G-Friend's YerinIOI and G-Friend even have a group chat box together."

When complimented on her charming looks, she said, "I'm sorry to our parents, but I personally can't be satisfied.  My face comes out differently based on the camera, so I'm not sure which one is my real face. I was down about it for a while, but there are a lot of people who love my looks, so these days, those thoughts are slowly disappearing," showing gratitude for the fans.  

When asked how she maintains her perfect muscles, Jeon So Mi said, "I was obese as a child. Every night, I lay out the mats with Kim So Hye and Pinky and do yoga."
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