Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sandeul ranks his looks in B1A4 and gives info on comeback

B1A4's Sandeul participated in a pictorial and interview for 'International bnt,' letting his own charms really shine forth.

The idol perfectly took on both casual and formal outfits, giving us a peek at a side of him that we haven't seen before. Sandeul also touched upon many a topic, ranging from his looks to future goals.

On where he ranks in terms of looks within B1A4, Sandeul explained that he's somewhere in the middle, saying, "I originally thought that Jinyoung was the best looking but these days Gongchan's become really handsome. The other two members are below me. CNU is also becoming more handsome but because I have to be third place, I can't accept [that he looks better than me]." 

The idol also broached his burgeoning acting career, giving his thoughts on what kind of actor he would like to be. He said, "There are no particular projects or roles that I would like to do. I do want to be like chameleon. A good example is Lim Chang Jung, who transforms perfectly into both an actor and a singer." 

Sandeul further detailed the kind of artists he would like to be, naming his goal to "be like Shinhwa," saying that [B1A4] is "halfway there."

Sandeul didn't forget to mention some info about B1A4's comeback, saying that the group is busy recording for a new album. The idol relayed, "There are so many great songs that we wonder which song we should make the title track but we will definitely maintain B1A4's bright and refreshing energy."
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