Sunday, March 13, 2016

WINNER ready a big surprise for fans at their first solo concert!

WINNER are planning a surprise show for their fans. 

On March 12 and 13, WINNER are scheduled to hold their first solo concert, where they will be uncovering the title song of their next album! 

The title song has never been head and was not planned to be performed at their concert. However, WINNER wanted to provide a special fan service to cheer on the fans who were upset with their sudden stop in promotion.

A performance for the new song has not been prepared. There is no choreography, and no rehearsals have taken place, but the members have strong desire to treat fans with the brand new song. 

It's said that it was a bit of a struggle to receive permission of this surprise show from Yang Hyun Suk. WINNER sent a long text message describing their wish and worked hard to convince the CEO. 

Lucky fans at WINNER's first solo concert will be the first ever to listen their brand new title song!
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