Friday, March 18, 2016

SISTAR's Soyou talks about her past dieting woes for 'Cosmopolitan'

SISTAR's Soyou, who recently visited Bali for a chill photoshoot with 'Cosmopolitan', opened up about her past dieting woes in her 20's. 

She started off on how she began dieting during her debut days, saying, "When I was a trainee during high school, I got scolded a lot for my body type. Back then, the trend was a skinny, barbie-doll body type, with girls being praised for weighing less, so someone with a more muscular body type like me had no choice but to start dieting." 

The idol went on to confess that she'd tried every known dieting trick and method in the book, without knowing what kind of diet was the best for her body type. When asked if she'd gone through any slumps, she answered, "Back then, I became depressed just by the fact that I was dieting. And it got even more difficult when I saw negative reactions from netizens, saying that my body was 'a photoshopped body' or that 'I wasn't any better even after losing weight'. It made me feel like I was working toward nothing." 

She wrapped up by sharing, "But I was too closed off by myself then. Even when I got depressed from dieting, I just hid in my room and held it in. That repeated cycle put me down every time I tried to diet. But one day, I just decided that this wasn't right, so I changed my lifestyle." 

It's great to see Soyou in a better place, and in much better shape these days! Check out her confident pictorial below!
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