Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SECRET's Hyosung opens up about trying to appease people

Ahead of her solo comeback, SECRET's Hyosung partnered up with 'Imagazine Korea' to open up about appeasing others as a profession.

The idol shared, "Back during our SECRET promotions, I spent a lot of time researching how to be sexy. I tried to research what made men tick, the kinds of scenes, dispositions, moods. These days, I kind of think it would be nice to be more appealing to women too. To be honest, more of our SECRET fans are women than men. In reality, it's hard to be loved by both sexes. But, honestly, what do men really like?"

She continued to share more about her difficulties during SECRET's debut days, saying, "Back then, the emptiness of being behind the stage was huge. I could never fully remember the stage, it all just felt like a dream. And I couldn't turn it back. I realized that the public's attention could never last forever. The SECRET members and I, we cried a lot, and we struggled a lot. We craved the public's attention. It took us a long time to figure out how poorly we were treating ourselves."

Hyosung then opened up about how she came to terms with the difficulties of her past. She had learned to "let go, because struggling wasn't helping. And I became more peaceful. There was a phase, when I wasn't doing well as a celebrity. This industry has a steady stream. New people come and go, and things become faster. I decided to just be okay with that, and now I'm at peace."

She then transitioned into talking about her upcoming album, 'Colored'! She commented, "I actually started working on this album since last fall. Even then, I had been struggling with feeling unhappy about my life. But the composers I was working with told me not to mistake success for happiness, and it really dawned on me. I had been so focused on success, and had been so lonely, that I just put those feelings in my lyrics."

Glad to see Hyosung evolving as a person and in her career! Just a little longer before her comeback!
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