Thursday, July 16, 2015

TASTY fire back at Woollim Entertainment, accusing the agency of lying

Things are heating up as TASTY are now firing back at Woollim Entertainment,accusing the agency of lying.

The agency previously said they were "flustered" after the boys one-sidedly announced their decision to halt promotions in Korea. Woollim also said that the recording of the boys' new song had already been finished and they were scheduling broadcast dates for a comeback, when TASTY decided to pack up and leave without notice.

According to TASTY, that's not how things went down.

They posted two tweets, which read as follows:

"?? What do you mean we didn't tell you and disappeared? Then what is it that we talked about with all the executives and CEO before?? What we can't understand is we sufficiently explained our position and the company said they understood us... But now you come and say it like as if we unilaterally decided to disappear..  We can't understand this."

"What do you mean the recording for our new song was finished? Who was it that picked the song without listening to our opinions and told us that if we didn't accept this new song as our title track that our comeback may be pushed back to who knows when? We are the type who don't like to talk about each and every little thing, but it seems the time has now come for us to do so."

What are your thoughts on this situation so far?
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