Tuesday, May 12, 2015

YG Entertainment planning to debut their new girl group before September

To say that we've been waiting for YG Entertainment's new girl group for a long time is an understatement. And to say that the agency has teased us for their new girl group a few times before is also an understatement! So, let's keep our fingers crossed that this time it's for real!

A YG Entertainment representative told Star News on May 12, "YG's new girl group's goal is to debut before September, we're aiming for this summer. This girl group is made up of skilled members who have been training for at least 3 years." 

The representative continued, "Of course Yang Hyun Suk is still checking them on their music skills and their debut date can change, but the chance of the group debuting this summer is high. Yang Hyun Suk is working towards his goal of having this upcoming girl group and iKON win the female and male Rookie of the Year awards at the end of this year."

The representative also said, "This team will have a completely different feel, something you couldn't see much before in the domestic music market."

Kim Ji Soo and Jennie Kim we know have already been confirmed as members, while Jang Han Na is said to have recently been ruled out for this new group. 

YG has big plans and lots to do this year as Star News says they've found out through their sources that the agency is hoping for new material from Epik HighLee Hi, and Akdong Musician as well. As for WINNER, since Mino is participating on 'Show Me The Money 4', they expect that the group's album will probably come out after the program ends, perhaps August or September. 

However, keep in mind, YG Entertainment's calendar seems to work a little differently from the rest of ours, so we may or may not see these plans come to fruition this year!
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