Sunday, May 3, 2015

KARA's Gyuri on her ideal type, 'goddess' image, and more with 'International bnt'

KARA's Gyuri was featured in a recent pictorial with 'International bnt' where she shared her thoughts on having a 'goddess' image as well as her ideal type of men. 

When she was asked about her image, Gyuri said, "Honestly the goddess image came from me thinking, 'I should get something out of appearing on variety show.' Right now, instead of me trying so hard, I want to get back in front of people with a more natural image.

Gyuri revealed during the interview that she checks the number of Instagram likes she gets and that's how she knows her level of popularity. She said, "I can feel my popularity when my Instagram pictures get 100 likes per minute. When that happens, I think, 'A lot of people are watching me at this time,' 'I should be better.' It touches me when international fans tell me that they have to use a translator to know what I'm talking about."

When it came to talking about her closest friend, Gyuri named fellow KARA member Han Seung Yeon and said, "Since we've known each other for nine years, we know each other even when we don't talk.

Lastly, Gyuri revealed that her ideal type when it comes to dating would be someone who is manly and humorous, while still being professional like actor Jung Jae Young.

Check out Gyuri on 'International bnt' below! 
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