Monday, May 4, 2015

G-Dragon talks about how he overcame his slump period and how Seungri has matured

Members of Big Bang recently gathered at Cornrad Hotel, Seoul, where they talked about their latest release and also answered various questions from the media. When asked about if they ever faced a slump period, G-Dragon revealed in detail of how he got over his slump while Seungri talked about how he never had one ever since his debut. 

Taeyang said, "Seungri never had a slump period.Agreeing with what Taeyang said, Seungri continued, "I never had a slump period since my debut. I never thought that it was hard. And I never thought about any other path other than Big Bang. Honestly, I did a lot of thinking and worked hard to survive while being surrounded by such talented hyungs. I thought that the best thing was to match the other four members well so I worked to just balance out the group." 

G-Dragon added, "In the past, Seungri would often get in trouble with his hyungs for various reasons, but at a certain point, he matured without us having to tell him anything. I think there was a personal moment that made him change. Before, Seungri didn't have any image within YG Entertainment, but now he is very popular. Seungri and I don't reflect as much as the other three. We don't try to dwell on the bad things.

TaeyangT.O.P, and Daesung have deep moments. Daesung is the deepest amongst everyone. Taeyang and T.O.P are deep, but are also sensitive. In contrast, Seungri and I just think whatever happens to be good is good."

When talking about his own slump period, G-Dragon gave a lengthy narrative and said, "If I were to talk about my slump when it came to music, there are just times when, even with a lot of effort, it wouldn't turn out well. In the past, even after coming back from a long, tiring day, I would write at least two songs at the dorm before I slept as if it were my duty. Last year, though, things just weren't working out for me so the album kept getting delayed. I'm also not the type who writes songs just for the sake of it.

...Because of that, the CEO would have been worried last year. I used to do things so well and easily, but the album kept getting delayed. 

What I've realized through this promotion was that Big Bang has to continue with all five members. I messaged the members saying, 'We really need to release an album,' and sent one to the CEO saying, 'If the company creates the space for all the members to work together, I think we will be able to do it.' From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, we all worked together in the studio. I took out all the songs that I had made in the past three years. This single is filled with songs that we've worked on these past two to three months.

People who work in the music field all say that they have a 'muse.' For me, I think my members are my muse. If I think about who I work for, it has always been the members. That's how I got out of my slump.

Meanwhile, after a three year hiatus, Big Bang made a group comeback with the first two tracks from their 'MADE SERIES' single album.
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