Saturday, April 25, 2015

[UPDATED] BIGBANG's 2015 WORLD TOUR 'MADE' IN SEOUL Day 1: Audio Stream links, Updates, Fancams and photos.

Credits:As tagged in the photos, Eleasheah, SDGYELLOWCROWN, fridayoctober, se7en99boa, KadingVip, alyssa_bailey and popuyo
Songs so far are: Feeling, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby
-iKON has been spotted.
- 2NE1's Dara spotted.
- AKMU spotted as well.
- WINNER spotted.
-Concert finally starts with the 'MADE' tour concert trailer!
- Intro is playing.
- Fantastic Baby!!
- Tonight is next.
- Stupid Liar.
- Members introduce themselves starting from GD, Seungri, TOP, Taeyang and Daesung.
- [TRANS] GD- Hello, Nice to meet you.
Seungri- Scream if you enjoy this now~
TOP- It's been a while right? hope you have a good time.
Daesung- Hello it's Daesung~~
Taeyang- Are you ready??!! scream if you are ready to enjoy!!
[CREDS: ShrimpLJY]
- Haru Haru is next!
- How Gee!!
- Song remixes with Seungri as the DJ.
- Feeling
- VCR Longer cut from the trailer showing BB on the roofdeck.
- Loser Live Ver.
- Blue is next
- [TRANS] Taeyang- It's been a long time guys, right?
Seungri- Let's greet together since we get together after a long time.
GD- Yes because we are idols haha
BIGBANG- Hello, we are BIGBANG!!!
GD- Are you alright with the concert now?
GD- Why did you start SNS so suddenly?
TOP- I can't say I started to promote the album right lol I made it to get closer to you.
Taeyang- How about the new song Loser?
Daesung- Is it catchy to your ears?
Seungri- It's released on May 1st!
Seungri- There are not only Korea fans but also fans from different countries.
GD- Let's take care of only K-fans for today.
Seungri- Let's see how nice the Korean fans are!! K-fans!!
[CREDS: ShrimpLJY]
- Bad Boy is playing next!
- Cafe!
- LIES!!!
- Strong Baby!
- Let's Talk About Love follows.
- Now it's Daesung with WINGS.
- TOP's turn with DOOM DADA.
- Eyes, Nose, Lips.!
- GD X TAEYANG's Good Boy.
- GD's Crooked is next!
- Last Farewell!!
- Hands Up.
- My Heaven is next!
- Bae Bae encore
- And Fantastic Baby once again!
- Loser encore
- Bae Bae again
- And that's it for today!
Credits: Top Taiwan, bbvipz, vipkrys, seungrisenpai, panda_dra, ahgasse, Aon Nii and as tagged
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