Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tao's father gives interview, says his son has agreed to leave

After the back and forth statements from Tao's father and SM Entertainment, China's SINA is reporting that the idol's father has spoken with them to reveal that Tao has been persuaded and has made the decision to push for his leave.

If you remember, Tao's father had mentioned through his previous post that Tao did not want to leave behind his team, but that as a father, he believed that Tao's health was the top priority and wanted his son to leave.

In an interview with SINA, Tao's father had some updated news as he allegedly said on the 23rd, "Tao has ultimately agreed to leave. The main reason is due to his filiality... My son's treatment is the first priority, and as for the rest, that's something Tao will have to think about and make his choice."

His father stressed that the biggest reason for him wanting his son to leave is for his health and peace of mind. "For three years after his debut, Tao appeared on many programs that held a risk to harm his health. My heart hurt seeing that the agency did not properly take care of my son's injuries each time."

"Last time when I visited Korea and tried to bring my son back to get him treatment, the agency suddenly told me 'Let's talk about Tao's future,'" he also said. "During that process, talk about his personal workshop came up, and I was very happy. I thought that finally the agency is acknowledging my son's hard work, but it eventually fell through."

"It is also very difficult and painful for me to make such a decision. Tao loves music and his team. Even though he didn't get proper treatment when he got hurt, he never once blamed them... However, as a father, I can no longer stand by and watch my son stand on stage in an injured state," Tao's father added.

SM Entertainment has not yet issued another response. Stay tuned for any updates that may come.
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