Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hongki is annoyed over dating rumors with Ai Shinozaki

We reported last time that FNC Entertainment denied rumors regarding F.T.Island's Hongki and Japanese singer and model Ai Shinozaki being in a relationship. Now, it looks like Hongki himself has something to say in his recent SNS updates. 

On April 11, Hongki took to his Instagram and uploaded the following picture of fellow member Seunghyun making a silly face while holding a sign that reads, "No minors."
Although the picture itself seems harmless enough, many speculate that Hongki's caption is in response to the dating rumors as he writes, "What's with the shock keke. Since when did you guys care about me so much keke. Funny keke. I don't need all of that and I should just be focusing on my music keke.

Sounds like Hongki is a bit annoyed by the attention he's receiving over the rumors from both the press and even some of his fans. Hongki additionally tweeted in response to one particular netizen on his Twitter, saying, "Keke, you haven't known me for that long, have you??? Keke, I said this a long time ago, but don't like me because you want to date me; if you don't like me because of this incident, then just say, 'Bye' keke." He has since deleted the tweet. 
Hongki seems to be asking people to care more about his music than his love life. Will the media and fans heed to his wishes? In the entertainment world, it doesn't seem likely. 
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