Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ga In talks about being sexy and keeping her relationship under wraps with 'Elle Korea'

Sexy, turquoise-haired beauty Ga In was recently featured in fashion and beauty magazine 'Elle Korea' where she talked about the stigma behind being 'sexy' as well as her thoughts on talking about her relationship in public.

Ga In said, "They ask me a lot about the definition of sexy, but I don't understand why the word sexy has to be bad. For example, a girl who just turned 20 years old can be very sexy, but if I say something like that, I become the bad person. I mean, a girl is saying another girl is sexy. Then again, everyone likes to be called sexy. I want to ask someone who isn't sexy, do you like it?"

The confident singer then claimed that everyone has their own version of sexy and even shared that she doesn't think there is anything particularly sexy about her. Ga In said, "Every woman has her own version of sexy. Honestly, there is nothing exceptionally sexy about my body, and it's not like my face is sexy. I'm not the type to be like, 'I have to look sexy, I'm going to look sexy.' How sexy can you be [even if you think like that]."

She continued in her signature sharp voice, "It's just my image. It's not like I'm trying to wear something short and seduce someone. I just wear it because I want to. I don't really care about what others think. It just happened like that. If it really bothers someone, they should buy me clothes."

When carefully asked about her relationship, Ga In politely refused to answer and said, "You should call him and ask, I don't really know. We don't really like speaking out [about our relationship] in public. I think it's because we want our personal lives to be respected especially because we are professionals. If not, we wouldn't have the answers to questions like, 'Why do I have to be professional?'"

Check out some of the cuts from 'Elle Korea's pictorial with confident and sexy Ga In below!
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