Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chinese media reports that Tao's father wants him to leave EXO

It looks like the rumors of Tao's leave from EXO and SM Entertainment have not been squashed yet. 

On April 22, Chinese media outlet Sina reported that Tao's father requested the cancellation of his contract from his agency SM Entertainment. According to Sina, Tao's father wrote a letter on Weibo that stated his intentions for a lawsuit.

What do you think? Do you think there's any truth to it? Stay tuned for updates! 

[Update] Below is the full translated letter:

"Hello to all the fans who give Tao a lot of interest and love. This is Huang Zitao's father. I'm writing this feeling very confused and heartbroken. I know that my decision may cause hurt to many people and even to my son Tao. Though I finally convinced him, Tao doesn't seem to understand a selfish father like me. I know how much Tao loves his team and his career, so this was a difficult decision for me. However, as his father, I'm responsible for his health and happiness. This is why I can't stand to see Tao hurt or be in pain any longer. If it's between Tao living life as an idol in Korea and Tao's health, I choose Tao's health without hesitation.

I believe it's important for a boy to be strong, tough, and persistent, and so I asked Tao to learn Kung Fu since he was a child to develop this sort of character and spirit. I've also made him work part-time to earn money to study music and dance. This was to train him to become a man who can stand on his own two feet. Being a singer is his dream and choice, and he's taken great efforts to make his dreams a reality.

Tao has not disappointed me. He's made it, and he's always been the pride of my whole family. What was unexpected is the number of the injuries Tao has suffered to his waist, body, and legs. Whenever I watched him do somersaults, I would get worried that his old woulds would affect him. I especially told him not to do stunts when he performed abroad on a slippery stage or in the rain. He always said that he didn't want to disappoint anyone and comforted me that he would be careful. However, we only heard through Weibo that he was injured again. I was very heartbroken. We couldn't look after him, be there for him, or contact him. I couldn't explain the pain I've gone through. Nobody can understand the feeling of waiting for his news by the phone.

To others, I should be happy, and my family is worthy of jealousy. My son is a famous pop star, but no one can see the pain behind the flowers and applause. I went to Korea to bring Tao home to recover from his injuries. The first night I arrived in Korea, the head of the company talked to me about Tao's future. The head said they would set a special team for Tao in China to arrange activities as the agency promised in the beginning. I was excited, and we discussed a lot of details. They said it would be announced as soon as TAO signed the contract, but the company suddenly announced plans for other members instead. I was still in Korea, and we hadn't signed the contract yet. I'm at a loss for words.

Why have we come so far when Tao is not getting support from his company? He only has injuries all over his body. I have decided to bring him home for medical treatment. Unfortunately, we were told he missed the best time to treat them, and he might suffer side effects. This was the last straw. As a father, nothing is more important than the health of my child. Tao's health and safety are more important to me than flowers, applause, and fame. 

Lastly, I want to say sorry and thank you to the company and all of the EXO members. For taking care of Tao the past 3 years, for the members taking interest in Tao and treating him well, I truly thank you. I also deeply apologize to the fans who've given my son Tao so much attention and love and for hurting EXO fans. I hope that you understand that I'm a father who has to do this. I'm sorry."
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