Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SISTAR's Hyorin and her kitties are inseparable in a cute yet sexy pictorial for 'Allure'

SISTAR has gotten the 'sexy while being cute at the same time' concept down to a pat with their popular songs, and Hyorin is no exception.

On March 24, 'Allure Korea' released photos of Hyorin from her casual photoshoot with her cats! Hyorin is known to be a 'cat lover' among celebrities and she showed her love for them with this photoshoot!

She said, "Ever since I was young, I raised dogs. As I was working, I wanted to raise a pet, and I naturally thoughts of cats." In order to raise a cat the best way, she volunteered at a pet center and read many books on cats, showing the effort and research she put into the process.

She continued, "Since I started raising my cats at home, I don't feel alone at home. I like it best when they they all come on top of my bed. When I lay down to go to sleep, Leo is the one who comes up to take his spot on the bed. I can only fall asleep when I lay my hand out and one of my cats lean on me."

Hyorin also stressed her belief in adopting a pet from an animal shelter rather than buying a pet from a pet store. She said, "I adopted four cats. I would like it if people adopted a pet (from the animal shelter) rather than use money to buy a pet (from the pet store). If I raised more cats, I would choose adoption again."

You can see her full interview and pictorial with her cats in the April issue of 'Allure Korea'. For now, take a look at some more 'alluring' photos below!
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