Sunday, March 1, 2015

Netizens suspect that AOA's Jimin & iKON's Kim Jin Hwan are dating

Netizens are tittering at the possibility that AOA's Jimin and iKON's Kim Jin Hwan are in a relationship.

On February 28, a picture originally shared by the variety show 'Unpretty Rapstar' began circulating around online communities Instiz and Nate. The picture shows Jimin texting the 'Unpretty Rapstar' scriptwriter via KakaoTalk complete with emojis and aegyo. But netizens are not so much interested in what Jimin had to say than they were in her KakaoTalk profile picture, which features a corgi relaxing on a red cushion.
Netizens pointed out that this appears to be the same corgi featured on Kim Jin Hwan's older sister's Instagram. In her update below, a corgi puppy can be seen sitting next to a red cushion; the sister writes in her caption, "New member of the family <3." Both the puppy and the cushion are nearly identical with the one in Jimin's profile picture. The original Instagram picture has since been deleted. 
Netizens believe that this is evidence that Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan are close--to the point that Jimin would use Kim Jin Hwan's pet as her profile picture as if the pet were her own. Although one could argue that this merely indicates that Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan are close friends, netizens have suspected that Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan have been dating even prior to this. A couple of months ago, pictures of what appeared to be Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan shopping together circulated around the internet, shown below.
Netizens have also pointed out that Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan have either worn or carried around the same items, suggesting that they are either couple items or that the two share their accessories. 

Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan allegedly carrying the same bag on different occasions:
Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan allegedly wearing the same sneakers: 
Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan allegedly wearing a set of couple rings:
While idols dating is definitely not news, some netizens criticize Jimin for going against her words after saying, "I'm not going to date!" on broadcast.
Top netizen comments from Nate include, "Don't say you're not going to date, just expose everything," and, "Damn, you're being cursed at because you deserve it. She doesn't remember what she said on broadcast and is acting against her words, isn't she? Fans = patrons keke. To those who shield her, I have no comment keke."

Meanwhile, the reaction on Instiz seems to be more light-hearted as comments read: "I'm not a fan, but I hear there are a lot of people who think they look good together?" "But he's already married to me?" and. "Hul... but they do look good together."

What are your thoughts? Is this relationship real or nah?
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