Friday, March 27, 2015

Epik High reported to establish a sub-label under YG Entertainment catering to underground hip hop artists

Apparently Epik High are in the midst of establishing their own hip hop label! This is being done with the full support of YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk, who have appointed Tablo as the head of this new sub-label.

According to an exclusive report by Osen, Yang Hyun Suk is said to have carried a regretful heart about not being able to keep all the singer or musician-hopefuls in the past, who applied to YG wanting to do hip hop. Because of this, he has decided to ask Epik High, who has the best knowledge about the underground scene and the tradition of hip hop in YG, to establish a new label, which will be supported behind the scenes by YG Entertainment.

Tablo was chosen to serve as the head of this new label as he not only understands the underground scene, but is also a multi-talented hip hop musician who can write, compose, and play instruments, in addition to rapping and singing.

Yang Hyun Suk told the media outlet, "Whether it was 1TYM or Jinusean, YG's roots have always been with hip hop. YG is indebted to all those on this land who pursue hip hop, and also feel gratitude towards them. We will be doing our best to support this new hip hop label so that it will become a good opportunity to those doing underground hip hop."

Tablo further confirmed this news when he mentioned during a Fuse TV interview, "I'm doing a lot of producing for YG acts, our label's acts. We're also developing a new label, a sub-label. I think we're going to be busy with that...just a lot of things going on. I'm publishing a new book. Busy!" 

Are you excited to see what this new sub-label will have to offer? With Epik High and Tablo's influence, music lovers out there should definitely keep an eye out to see what this new label can bring to the table.
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