Thursday, February 26, 2015

Youngji is sweet and girly in 'CeCi' magazine

The sweet and now youngest member of KARA is a rising star indeed. Youngji showed off her individual charms in a magazine pictorial with 'CeCi' recently for the March issue, emphasizing her girly, youthful nature in frilly skirts and little crown accessories.  

When asked how she adjusted to life as a KARA member so well, Youngji replied, "That's because I liked the group KARA.  If you look at my assessment from my trainee days, I used to practice with KARA's music on.  And the unnies take care of me so well. After the year-end award ceremony ended and the fans crowded around us, Seungyeon said that I couldn't lose my way here so held tightly onto my hand."

When asked what aspects of the nine-year-old group, KARA, she wanted to emulate, Youngji said, "Even when they practice once, the unnies really put they're all into it.  They don't take a day's rest.  Even if there is a day of rest, they either exercise or work on themselves.  Now, I likewise make a schedule for exercising or other lessons when I get a day's rest.  I learned all this while watching the unnies. When they get makeup done, their postures are also straight.  They're always working on themselves." 

Regarding her school days, she said, "I was really like a man.  Everyday, I would do headers while playing soccer and there was a time I broke six eyeglasses in one year.  I often had a cast on.  It was to the point that if a teacher asked one day, 'You still didn't take the cast off?' I'd say, 'Teacher, that was my left side and now it's my right.'"  Despite her cute charms, she definitely has a tough interior!

A rep from the shoot said, "The set was very amicable thanks to the positive and infinitely bright Youngji.  Despite the tight schedule in which she had to head over to Japan on a plane right after the photo shoot, Youngji did her best for which we are grateful."

You can see more of this cutie in the March issue of 'CeCi'!
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