Monday, February 23, 2015

Lip Service announce Cora's departure from the group, but fans speculate she was kicked out

Lip Service relayed some sad news to fans about the departure of one of the original members of the group.  While Lip Service debuted as a duo with Bipa and Cora, they've since added Anna last year, but it seems yet another member change has occurred - Cora has left the group.

Lip Service announced her departure to fans on Facebook with, "As you have all heard, Cora is unable to continue on with Lipservice. It brings us great sadness to confirm this to our fans. In the past year, we have become as close as sisters working alongside 24-7 to realize our dreams together. Our company has respected her lifestyle and choices, and have decided to let her go. It is a great loss to our group but we will endure through these challenges and work harder than ever before. We all thank you for your love and encouragement."

Cora also had posted on her Instagram some sad words previously that left fans worried, and with the announcement of her departure following a few days later, some started to question if there was more than what meets the eye regarding her leave. 

Fans flocked to Cora's Instagram to say how heartbroken they were about her departure, and it appears one fan received a mysterious reply that set off suspicions that Cora may actually have been kicked out of the group.
Although a bit difficult to completely understand because of the broken English, it does hint that this was not something she wanted. In addition, she replied to other fans, 
In response, some upset fans wrote suspiciously in Lip Service's post, "You goddamn liars~ you FORCED and KICKED Cora out, she didn't wanted to leave at all and now you act as if she wanted to leave? That's so low....really just so low~ I'm done with LipService now~," "I'm a little suspicious since Cora's IG comment sounded more like she was kicked out. Hope it's not true," and, "Since Cora said she didn't want to leave why did u let her go?" However, for the most part, fans were sad but supportive of this decision.

It really is hard to completely understand what Cora might have meant with her posts, however.  Hopefully, things didn't go down as badly as people are suspecting!  Either way, it appears Cora is being optimistic and will surely continue pursuing her dreams as an artist, responding brightly to fans' supportive comments on her Instagram.
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