Monday, January 26, 2015

Lizzy reveals that people don't take her seriously in an interview with 'ize'

After School's Lizzy was featured in a recent pictorial with 'ize' where the female idol revealed the concept behind her solo track, "Not an Easy Girl," as well as the perception that people have of her. 

In the pictorial, Lizzy was seen wearing casual crop-top outfits, pairing it with either short shorts or distressed boyfriend jeans. The idol also had her hair high up in a ponytail and an over-sized bun, heightening her cute and bubbly charms. 

During the interview with the online magazine, Lizzy revealed that people don't take her seriously because of her carefree personality. She said, "It doesn't really bother me on a daily basis, but even when I'm talking about something serious, people would think, 'Oh, she's just joking around again,' and that would hurt my feelings. Now, because it happens so frequently, I just think, 'I don't really care, let's see who remains here the longest. We'll see [the truth] if we're here long enough.' It's too troublesome to grab a hold of them and talk it out, and it sounds like I'm explaining myself. I don't want to live exhausted.

When she was asked how the concept of her song, "Not an Easy Girl," came about, Lizzy revealed that it was first the idea that producer Rhymer of Brand New Music came up with. She said, "When the song with Raina and San E did well, we had a joint dinner with Brand New Music. At the time, our representative told Rhymer about my trot solo and asked him to write something, based on the way I look. [It's saying] because I'm good to you, and smile at you, do I look easy? No. I can be taken lightly because I laugh well and take jokes well, but it's not that [i'm easy].

Check out the photos of Lizzy with 'ize' below.
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