Thursday, January 22, 2015

Leeteuk and Onew grew closer with a trip to Singapore together for 'Cosmopolitan'

For a recent pictorial with fashion lifestyle magazine, 'Cosmopolitan', label-mates Leeteuk and Onew went on a special getaway vacation to Singapore!

In the photos released, Onew kept it simple with light layering paired complete with a navy blazer, while Leeteuk embraced exotic prints and kept warm with a turtleneck. 

During the interview with the magazine, they were told they seemed a bit awkward one another at the beginning of the rip. In response, the two revealed that they had not been all that close previously and were more of acquaintances who would greet each other on a basic level.

Leeteuk"Onew and I were of the relationship where we'd only just greet each other. Truthfully, I am sorry to SHINee about something. When other groups like f(x) or EXO were debuting, I helped them out by hosting their showcase or helping them make their slogan, like EXO's "We are one". However, our timing didn't work out with SHINee's debut, so we weren't able to interact with them in this way. So after thinking about who I should go on this trip with, I wondered what it'd be like to go with Onew. Onew-yah, see there is a deeper meaning as to why I wanted to come here with you~."

Onew"Hahah. I only found out that I was going with Teuk-hyung just a few days before. It was so awkward that first day on the plane that I just watched movies the whole time. But I also thought that we might be a refreshing combo that fans might like. I also thought this trip will be like a time of rest for me so I really wanted to come. Although it was awkward at first, hyung did a great job making it enjoyable and making me feel comfortable." 

Check out some of the pictures released through the pictorial below!
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