Friday, January 23, 2015

An acquaintance of Hong Jong Hyun and Nana says that the two are a 'well-known couple'

It was recently reported that actor Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were in a relationship for nearly seven months, becoming a controversy due to Hong Jong Hyun's on-air relationship with Girls' Day's Yura on 'We Got Married'. Since then, the two have already released official statements denying that they're in a romantic relationship. 

However, a close acquaintance of Hong Jong Hyun told media outlet Sports DongA that the two are a well-known couple amongst their peers. The acquaintance stated, "Their relationship rumor is already old news. It's somewhat strange that it was only covered just recently." 

The report goes on to quote the acquaintance who went further into how the relationship started. The acquaintance stated, "Hong Jong Hyun and Nana were going through personal issues around the same time. And when the program 'Style Log' ended, Hong Jong Hyun was the first to show interest, and Nana accepted his feelings. In front of their peers, Hong Jong Hyun and Nana would call each other openly, using their names. Hong Jong Hyun calls Nana by her real name, Im Jin Ah. Usually, their dates take place around Gangnam, and they would take walks on the trails.

Lastly, the acquaintance went on to say that (s)he was surprised that the two have denied the reports. The acquaintance stated, "They are both very honest people. They went on dates, and didn't care if others were looking on. So I thought that they would both acknowledge their relationship when the reports came out, but I was surprised that they denied it.

Meanwhile, netizens shared their pity in seeing the relationship reports, saying that Hong Jong Hyun should have not gone on 'We Got Married' for the sake of Yura, Nana, and the program itself. Meanwhile, both sides still denied that they're a couple.

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