Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jellyfish Entertainment explain VIXX VIP photo controversy + to take legal action against Azia Events

Jellyfish Entertainment has released a letter to the public regarding the VIP photos that VIXX fans paid for yet never received.

On September 12 and 14, VIXX held their 'VIXX Live Fantasia - Hex Sign' concerts in Budapest, Hungary and Warsaw, Poland respectively. Fans were able to purchase "Super High & Five" tickets which would allow them to see VIXX for a meet and greet after the concert and take a picture with them for 169 euros (approx. 211 USD). Despite the fact that the concert took place two months ago, fans have yet to receive the pictures that they were promised after the event.

Through a post on their official Facebook page, Jellyfish Entertainment has stepped forward to explain the issue, indicating that there is conflict with the event organizer Azia Events, who they claim has yet to pay some of the concert expenses and has violated certain contract agreements. They also state that they will be taking legal action against Azia Events:

This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We are making an announcement due to many inquires about the VIP photo of VIXX Europe Concert- HEX SIGN live Fantasia in Europe.

As a reward of the warm support and continuous love of the Europe fans, VIXX tried their best to contribute in the progress of balancing the K-POP market around Europe

since their debut, by proceeding the concert not only in France and Germany, but also in countries such as Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Poland etc. which it had relatively few concerts.
At the process of Hungary and Poland concert tour, Jellyfish Entertainment and the relevant concert tour organizer CJ E&M was placed in a difficult situation to fulfill the concert tour due to the sudden cancellation of the Dusseldorf, Germany event which were scheduled in advance.

We were told that the event was cancelled unilaterally by the local promoter situation.

Over prior consultation with the "Azia event" which was the promoter of Europe concert tour, we compromised many parts with the circumstances despite this matter.

Including the artist guarantee which was discussed over the contract, the personnel expenses of the production and even the roundtrip airfare was not provided also.

However, we proceeded the tour to keep the promise only for the fans.

In spite of this unfavorable situation, VIXX, Jellyfish and CJ E&M did their best for this concert to please the Europe fans that waited VIXX and tried to make a successful concert. Even we actively participate in fan events, we still did not receive the payment after 2 month of the concert tour eventually and "Azia event" is not fulfilling the contract facts and agreement.

For this reason, Jellyfish Entertainment and CJ E&M will take a strong legal action against the company to prevent this similar instance which hinders the progress of the K POP around Europe and giving disappointment to the Europe fans.

As fans are concerned, we promise that we will do our best to solve this problem and make a continuous contact to the promoter to make a progress of providing the VIP Photo.

It is true that Jellyfish Entertainment and CJ E&M also had a loss of value for money and major damage by this circumstance, but above all, we apologize for any inconvenience and anxiety this may cause.

We will make an effort to prevent such matters in the future.

Thank you for your continuous support and love.

Thank you.
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