Tuesday, December 2, 2014

iKON's B.I and Bobby participate in their first ever pictorial together in 'High Cut'

YG's newest rapper line from iKON, Bobby and B.I , took part in their first ever pictorial with 'High Cut' Magazine. Along with the pictorial, they participated in an interview where they revealed their first impressions of each other, who they would add to iKON, as well as which artist they would like to work with in the future. 

B.I revealed that he had a rather pleasant first impression of Bobby. He said, "My first impression was that he was gentle so I was curious to learn more about him. As time passed, we joked around a lot too. To put it shortly, he is like 'the neighbor hyung that is a bit ditzy.'

Meanwhile, Bobby revealed to the magazine that he initially thought B.I was older than he was because of his intense aura. He said, "Because he has such a strong energy, he was scary even though he was younger. So at first, I remember we used to talk to each other formally. He is still very opinionated." 

When asked who they would choose if they could add another member into iKON, B.I answered jokingly, "CEO Yang Hyun Suk. Because I think the debut would come a lot quicker if he was in it.

Bobby responded that he would want former 1TYM leader turned producer Teddy because of his cool style. Bobby also mentioned that he would be able to vastly improve under Teddy's tutelage. As for the artist they want to collaborate with, B.I picked 2NE1's CL while Bobby picked Yoon Mi Rae

B.I revealed, "If we were on stage together, I think I would given even more effort so I won't lose (to her). And I would vibe off her energy and it would have a synergetic effect." While Bobby expressed his admiration for Yoon Mi Rae as he stated, "There is a lot to learn about her. The vibe that she has on stage is very cool.
Meanwhile, you can check out the full pictorial and interview with Bobby and B.I in the December issue of 'High Cut.'
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