Thursday, December 11, 2014

BTOB's Ilhoon advised to be cautious about lung cancer + asks his CEO for a better working environment

 BTOB's Ilhoon was warned about potentially being at risk of lung cancer on the December 10 airing of 'Vitamin', once again reminding us that despite how young one may be, health is not something to ignore.

The show explained that in the human body, there are 33 genes that suppresses cancer growth. If one is found to have more than 11 of those genes methylated among those 33, then it is highly possible that they have cancer. Ilhoon's results indicated he had seven, and was thus told he should be aware of the possible risks, especially for lung cancer.

Professor Kim Hyun Mi, a domestic medical specialist stated, "Smoking, and secondhand smoking are often the main reasons for lung cancer, but there is also the factor of someone spending too much time indoors that could increase the risk as well," revealing that lack of Vitamin D can also be a cause. 

When asked how often he gets some sun, Ilhoon stopped to think a bit before he revealed that he hardly sees the sun as he'll head off to do work early and then go home when it's late at night. He also revealed that his workspace, most likely the recording studio and such, was in the basement. 

Hearing this, the other guests on the show urged him to use this time to list out the things he wants from his agency CEO, and Ilhoon jumped right in to say, "CEO-nim, I hope that you'll provide me with an air filter, and time to take walks outside, and a dorm in a place with clean air." He then brought laughs as he added one more to the list saying, "Oh and our car is kind of getting old."  
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