Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Woollim Entertainment reports on how hard Lovelyz' Seo Ji Soo is taking the malicious rumors + updates on the investigation

Already embroiled in a controversy before debuting in Woollim Entertainment's new girl group LovelyzSeo Ji Soo was revealed to be having a difficult time at the moment due to the malicious rumors about her spreading nude photos of others against their will.

The agency previously responded by stating the rumors were false and that they'd be having an investigation and preparing to take firm action against the creator and spreaders of said rumors.  

On November 11, the agency also updated on Seo Ji Soo's condition during this rocky period.  One rep stated, "Seo Ji Soo is having a very difficult time.  She is especially feeling very sorry towards the other members because something like this happened before their debut," revealing, in addition, that Seo Ji Soo hid away where no one could see her to cry in private.

It was also revealed that on November 10, the agency reps went to the Mapo Police Station to personally request an investigation into the rumors.  On November 11, the Cyber Crimes Unit at the police station got ahold of and is investigating a Twitter account of a person claiming to be a victim.  The request for the investigation on this day was personally made by a Woollim rep and Seo Ji Soo.  In addition, she chose and identified the people who could have had access to her KakaoTalk pictures and might be related to this situation to the police. 

A rep from the Mapo Police Station told Newsen on November 10, "We received the request to investigate the online rumors regarding Lovelyz' Seo Ji Soo from Woollim Entertainment.  Right after we got the investigation request, we began the investigation. The person in question is spreading the rumor through SNS, so we expect the investigation to take place under those who track SNS."

That same day, Woollim Entertainment posted an official statement saying, "Seo Ji Soo never had a romantic relationship with a girl; she did not perform sexual assaults or take and distribute photos.  She also did not say those unspeakable things.  The whole world is pointing fingers at one girl before her debut and this incident has become publicized to the point it would be difficult to do normal activities as a celebrity, much less live as a girl.  If the people claiming to be victims really have a good case, then come out. The incident has become big enough now that you don't have to hide behind the internet to threaten us.  We beg of you.  If you're going to put up the reason that it's difficult to expose your status because you're a sexual minority, then do not pretend to be a victim. If you really think you have a good case, appear at the police office and accept our cooperation.

This is something that has a girl's life on the line.  In the case that Seo Ji Soo did anything slightly wrong, we will take all legal responsibility.  We will catch the first creator and circulator.  We can surmise that the person claiming he/she was victimized by Seo Ji Soo was an acquaintance of Seo Ji Soo in the past, making it appear that one person is impersonating multiple informants to manipulate the media.  If the people currently claiming there are damaging pictures are her acquaintances, these pictures should be accessible to somebody, but there are no concretely damaging pictures or proof of harm. How could a mailed picture be a sign of dating or proof of sexual assault and blackmailing?"

Meanwhile, Lovelyz' showcase will take place on November 12 and their album will be released on November 17.
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