Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Suho's father denies being pro-Japanese, accuses netizens of defamation, and requests an investigation

On November 12, Kim Yong Ha, a professor at Soonchunhywang University who aggressively participated in the discussion over a public officials' pension reform, requested an investigation to the Cyber Crimes Unit to look into a portion of netizens who he claimed were defaming the character of his son, Suho, the leader of EXO. On this day, Professor Kim appointed an attorney and plans to file a complaint to the Seoul Central District Court on November 17.

According to Professor Kim, a portion of internet sites started to post things that allegedly connected Professor Kim to the New Right movement and Chinilpa (Koreans who united with the Japanese government during the country's control of South Korea) starting on November 10.  On November 11, Professor Kim was called a Chinilpa and Suho "the son of a Chinilpa," which then quickly spread on November 12.

Professor Kim refuted such claims by saying, "Even though I explained that the Citizens United for Better Society, which is a civic group that claims to advocate moderate conservatives, is not New Right, the netizens ruled me a Chinilpa, rallied up this outrageous reasoning because I participated in this civic group's activities, and steered me toward being a Chinilpa.  I am not a Chinilpa, nor did I do anything that could receive attention for being pro-Japanese.  My hometown is Munsu-myeon, Yeongju-si, Gyeongbuk; my family farmed for generations and had nothing to do with being pro-Japanese even during the Japanese imperialism."

The professor also said that when Suho, who is currently in Japan for a concert, saw the quickly spreading words about his being the son of a Chinilpa, he called and asked, "Dad, are you really a Chinilpa?"  He had replied that the truth was completely groundless.  

Professor Kim also stated, "A portion of the forces that resisted the public officials' pension reform systematically circulated malicious and false content on the internet, which is not only defaming my character but also causing great pain to my son.  No matter what, I will make them take legal responsibility."
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